Digimon is a great anime and Television series that is still airing to this day. Originally aired in Japan this series was later moved to the North America’s thanks to the people at Saban Entertainment. I was an instant fan of this series when it first aired back in 1999 and I even stuck with it up to one of the later seasons.

This series was considered a rip off of Pokemon, and I think it still is considered as such. Though if you were to watch a season of this and a season of Pokemon I think you would notice some very key differences, such as the premise and even key story elements. The only real resemblance that these two series even have is that everything is centered around abnormal creatures that evolve into different forms to become more powerful.

One of the things I loved about this series, but at the same time disliked was the way it handled its seasons. Digimon did not stick with the same characters for every season but in fact allowed the characters to grow older and have them be replaced be new characters and even some seasons were right out forms of  retelling of the story with new characters and premises. Personally I liked this to a degree as it showed a great way to allow new fans to come in to the series at the start of almost any season, as well as even allowing new Digimon be shown with new evolution states keeping things fresh and new like. On the other hand I do have dislike for this in the sense that sometimes they completely forgot the previous cast members and this was proven as they were never mentioned or even shown in some of the newer seasons, which for a fan of the original who worked their way up to the current seasons of this show felt like a big let down.

Even though I do hate some of the choices the creative team does have with the show I do in fact feel the good out weighs the bad in this show, because the character development is good and the animation was, and still is great to look at. This series knew how to tell its stories and you loved most every minute of it. This is where I have to commend the creator Akiyoshi Hongo and the producers at Toei Animation, obviously they knew what good stories were and they clearly wanted their fans to enjoy this series.

Since Toei Animation was behind this show in Japan it had a good production quality behind it as well, and because of this I couldn’t wait for one of my favorite parts of this series the evolution stages or as the English version called it Digivolution. This was usually followed up by a pretty awesome battle sequence commence, which was shown with some great animation. This is where the actions really shines for me because things can get real hectic and a good animation team, like Toei Animation can really make sure you still know what’s going on even in the most craziest of situations.

As a fan of this series I guess I have nothing but praise and can recommend it to anyone and everyone who clearly gained interest in this post  today.



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