Go Go Power Rangers !!!

I’m sure everyone remembers the power rangers, but just in case you don’t I’m sure the opening credits will jog your memory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpcCoW5gA7w. This show was cheesy, it was silly and I loved it. This should not surprise anyone actually it was a show that had a very loyal fan base and it was probably one of the first things we took from Japan and made our own.

Originally the Power Rangers was a Japanese creation, I think they even had a different name there but the popularity was unquestionable, which amazingly gave Saban the idea to make the American counterpart for the show  which was aired originally in the nineties and is now continuing to this day with new iterations to the Power Ranger teams almost every year or so. This series is so loyal to its fan base it never seemed to forget the past, the proof of this lies with an episode I recently seen which showed all the Red Rangers teaming up to face a common enemy they would not be able to alone, from what I saw the show still had the cheesy effects and the fun music and awesome atmosphere that made you say “Fuck Yeah”.

Funny thing about this show is it was all about the “Fuck Yeah” moments. Even when you were a kid and you didn’t quite know what the words meant you still had the feeling , and nothing was truer than when the Power Rangers got out their Megazord for the ultimate fight with the boss for the selected episode and they would defeat it in a blaze of glory. This was one of the reasons most of us came back was for the cheese and the action. Maybe we even wanted to be Power Rangers as kids, hell I know some people who still love the series so much they admit to watching some of the new seasons. I myself watched the Dino Thunder season to be honest, because they got the actor who played Tommy, the Green Ranger and White Ranger respectfully in the original back again. In this season he was still Tommy and he had grown up to become a teacher and in a later episode the new Black Ranger, this was clearly a wink to the old fans especially since they even had an episode where he fought his older ranger forms to show that he moved on. This surprised me to a new level, especially with a deep story impact such as this clearly meant for the adult fans

To be honest the Power Rangers have  evolved I guess and they cater to multiple audiences now, kids  new to the series and adults who stuck with it because they are true fans or came back to watch it with their own kids. This series seems to always have an idea and might never die because of these things, but it still has its own sad state of    repeated story elements and silly ideas, one particular idea does actually come to mind that I always seemed to notice as a kid and even in the Dino Thunder series. The Evil Power Ranger who later becomes the good guy. Even with its flaws though The Power Rangers is a great introduction into the science fiction universe and I still recommend it.


If I have gotten some of you interested or  nostalgic I recommend hitting up Netflix and watching a few episodes of your selected seasons. So as the Power Rangers always say Morphing Time


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