Sorry for being gone

Hello 90’s fans, I just wanted to say sorry for not posting as often. The holidays have not been kinds to me and honestly I have been a tad burned as well. Do not worry though I will not let the page die since I do care about the project

I will however be posting once a week since I will be also spending some time to possibly working on a you tube channel as well since this interests me


Seth MacFarlane and his Cartoons

Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, Three shows created by Seth MacFarlane a talented writer and actor who voices multiple characters in all three series. MacFarlane has proven time and again that he knows what is funny and that he loves his job. Always in character and ready for the audience this man loves the stage and it loves him back. I will be taking time to discuss each show shortly in as much knowledge as I can, Possibly even try to give a recommended episode for the people to see of each respective series.

MacFarlane`s most recognized series has always been Family Guy, a show well worth checking out especially for the early seasons but has recently seemed to gotten a little off track since MacFarlane no longer does the writing for the series. Though Family Guy still has some great moments, it seems to have issues with too many cut away gags sometimes and this can be disappointing. I am a person who loves an enjoyable and funny story,  sadly this seems to have been left behind and replaced with the how many cut away gags can we get in within our half an hour segments. This does not stop an occasional good episode to shine through ever once in awhile though like the recent Christmas special `Road to the North Pole` a truly funny episode centered around the story of Stewie and Brian going to the North Pole to see Santa Claus so Stewie can kill the Claus but things take a great turn in the second part and I will not ruin this awesome special for you since Christmas is close and this is a recommended watch for the Holidays.

Now my favorite show and well worth checking out for its Humor and Stories American Dad, This series rarely has a bad episode in my opinion and it is the funniest of the three because of the unrealistic situations and the liberties that they have with Stan Smith the main character being a C.I,A agent and the way that him and his Wife deal with parenting their children Steve and Haley. This series has had a handful of great episodes and for the Holidays I do recommend you check out all the specials, but the episode I want to put on a must watch is `Stanny Boy and Frantastic`. This episode is centered around the changes Stan and Francine need to make just to get friends and the situations just get more and  more hilarious with each confrontation, I was surprised with the levels reached in this episode alone and I still love to watch this episode on occasion to this day and I still laugh every time.

Finally we will  be discussing The Cleveland Show, this series is the definition of spin off. Cleveland one of Peter`s best friends from the early seasons of Family Guy leaves and gets a new family and television show of his very own. This series knows what it is and it has even made jokes about being the Black Family Guy time and again to prove this fact. I sometimes get a chuckle out of this show but ultimately I found it to be the weakest of the three series. Still it may be your show and I do not want to stop you from enjoying it. Now The recommended episode was tough to decide for me as nothing really stood out in my opinion. Then it came to me `Murray Christmas` an episode where Rallo, the step son of Cleveland is taken down a notch and learns that friendship can indeed be found with the older generation, not to mention there are even some heart warming moments here as well when things start to get serious and the steps taken for the resolution in the end. This may not be the best choice but it was the one that finally stood out to me.

Now I hope you enjoy watching the episodes I do recommend  and that you truly do find the Macfarlane show that suits your style of humor and enjoyment. I know I still love American Dad since the day it started and  I recently just watched a few seasons for nostalgia alone,.



I hope you remember this gem from the nineties. Seriously I believe this was the first CGI (3D animated) show to ever be on television and it was made by a Canadian company. It followed the exploits of Bob a Guardian and his friends Dot Matrix and Enzo. They would constantly be saving a city called Mainframe from Megabyte and sometimes from his crazy sister Hexadecimal

One of the best ways the series would break things up is by throwing  down a game cube, that’s right Nintedo did not take the name first. The show took place inside of a computer and the main  characters were data, this then means the game cube represents a computer game and the goal of the main characters when in a game was to defeat the player, that’s right us. This is greatly looked into a few times in the series with fourth wall jokes and silly accusations about the computer related items as if it is every day norm for these characters.

The early seasons are very silly and are like an homage to eighties cartoons and then it works itself to a  become a serious television show with wacky jokes. It was one of those great shows that just grew up with its audience, making sure as they got older there was still a reason to be invested into the series. Hell I can still watch an episode of this today and still enjoy myself. This is proven because I recently did watch the entire series again, that children is what we call good writing and sometimes it is all you need

Speaking about writing the series loved to show it’s skill in this feel, especially with the  characters. They evolved and grew with every experience which made you genuinely care for them. This was even better portrayed when  Enzo took over as the Guardian for Mainframe. He was a kid at this time and this just showed a great coming of age story, a character put with responsibility and forced to grow up to serve his people.

Growing up was even addressed in the show as a few of the characters even grew older and love connections were even made to a point where you were cheering for the characters to get together in  the special way the show hinted. Hell even two of the characters were going to get married, until certain events changed things right before the “I dos” Is it just me or does that always happen. Anyway I don’t want to ruin too much for the people who plan to watch this classic again or want to watch it for the first time

I think we will end this blog with the proper thing to say to get ready for the game…. REBOOT!!!