Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Hasbro a company well known for adapting toys into television shows just to make a quick buck. Can’t  blame them though it worked with many shows such as My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and My Littlest Pet Shop. Today however we discuss one of their longest running franchises Transformers.

The Transformers series has gone through many iterations since the original, such as Beast Wars (Beasties to some places) the Transformers animes, comics, and even the recent live action movies. The reason I think the Transformers, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have such a strong  staying power is because they are created in a way that the characters and stories can always be brought to current generations easily with the proper writers. For example look at the old transformers cartoon it gets a lot of praise for its Generation one status but really pay attention to the story it was kind of silly but as kids we loved the action, guns and the transforming and in the eighties that’s all you needed for a good television series geared to boys. Now look at the new series Transformers Prime, a series telling a over arching story but still tries to  give the same eye popping visuals we get from the movies. Prime fails at the eye popping in my opinion but the story can be enjoyable sometimes so it at least has got something for its efforts and I am sure it entertains some fans.

Now If I had to choose a friends iteration of the Transformers it would have to be Beast Wars in my opinion. Now I still love Generation one but I grew up in the nineties and this is when Beast Wars was introduced. A series that was a continuation yet at the same a prequel to the Generation One Transformers series and it was masterfully done by the group at Main Frame, the same group that worked on Reboot in the early days. The series was a success and it lasted for quite a few seasons to a point it later evolved into the series known as Beast Machines. 

Personally I was never a fan of Beast Machines, this series felt too pretentious to me. The story and character from the original Beast Wars felt like they were trying to grow up but in all  the wrong ways. The series also felt unnecessary to me, especially with the solid ending that was found at the end of Beast Wars. This had the the surviving Maximals, including Optimus Primal returning home with Megatron on tow on the haul of their ship ready to serve for his crimes for when they returned to Cybertron. This is where it gets weird, see Beast Machines opens with this sequence but something went wrong somehow getting Megatron there before the Maximals and he was able to get a Nazi like regime going within this time frame, and this is where I get lost. I for one can understand maybe him hiding out in Cybertron finding Predacons or Decepticons to work with under a faction on  Cybertron, but controling the entire race of Cybertron with some kind of neural network and creating your own Nazi regime yea a little extreme. Still if you liked this series power to you I for one ended it with Beast Wars finale felt like the right thing to do. and the intro to Beast Wars really knew how to pump you up unlike the intro from Beast Machines, which was alright but more primal in my opinion

Anyway I have prattled on for sometime about Beast Wars and  Beast Machines that I should continue talking about Transformers in general such as the things that I know will never change no matter how many times the series is rebooted: this list are the rivalry of Megatron and Optimus Prime, these two character will constantly be characters in the series and will always be on opposite side of any version of Tranformers.
2. The Matrix, this key item will always be around in any version of Transformers. Whether it be a power source, a weapon, or even the building blocks of the universe it will exist in the Transformers universe
3. Transforming is the stable of the series and a must otherwise the name doesn’t make sense. I do however love to see how the transformations can be played with such as the animals in Beast Wars or the Combiners
4. The War of Cybertron kind of a stable and a reason for the Autobots and Decepticons or the Maximals and the Predacons to wage their ridiculous over the top battles that make us say wow.
5. Human companions whether for a cameo or to be a main role. C haracter the Autobots befriend as companions in are neccassary to the story and it show their compassion. Also some series have the humans become a power up for the Auto Bots  in a way

As you can see the list is not too long but these things are easy to find and stables of the Transformers universe. It is amazing that the stables are the only things that must be though, but it does make sense as to why the Transformers can live for so long as a franchise because it opens itself to interpretation through so many ways thanks to these things. So i like you with a picture of Optimus Prime over the different ages and I hope your favorite is somewhere in the picture.



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