Halo 4

Just got back from Halo 4 midnight release and got my copy. I will be honest with you I was not originally planning to purchase the game this soon but instead going to wait for the price to go down. However I was talking with a friend and was persuaded to join in the midnight release, which is fun if you have never been to one before.

I have never really been the biggest fan of Halo. I did indeed try to get into the books but they weren’t my thing. The games on the other hand are a fun time and a great excuse to play a match or two online with a few friends. Halo 4 is different in a few things such as introducing a new enemy called the Forerunners, which were apparently hinted at in the novels. This also has a different development team behind the reigns by the name of 343 Industries, the new group does consist of a few of the veterans from the original Bungie team but mostly it’s new people who have taken over the Halo project on Bungies behave.

Looking at the trailers for this epic game I will be honest and say that the game does look good and can’t wait to give a go. I know the line was long at the local EB Games shop today so like always it has the buzz behind it that’s for sure



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