Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z the original popular anime for the boys, this show had it all cool powers awesome characters and intense fight scenes, but I am not here to discuss Dragon Ball Z yet. no I am discussing its predecessor the one most people forgot, the original Dragon Ball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlzhV3VHtuA

The series followed a young Goku, at the age of about 12. He lived in the woods and had a four star Dragon Ball that was passed down to  him from his Grandpa Gohan. Things of  course take a major  change for Goku when he is introduced to a 16 year  old Bulma looking for the seven Dragon Balls so that she can make a  wish. After some arguing and  great character development the two finally  agree to work together and meet many friends such as Yamcha, Master Roshi, and a perverted pig named Oolong. 

In the first season this series followed the theme of a popular legend in china  called the Journey to the West hence the character introductions Goku was the Monkey, even had the same name in some iterations. Oolong is the pig Demon, Yamcha the water Demon and Bulma was a female version of the priest,  but with the sex jokes because she was a teenager doing this for greedy purposes , Japan is weird.

Though in the second season the Journey to the West sub plot was forgone and the show had reached its own roots, even having Goku train under Master Roshi  at the Kami House, litterally means Turtle House. This is when we are introduced to a younger Krillian, and get this he didn’t suck at this time. He was actually a Buddhist Monk who worshiped the fighting style of Master Roshi and wanted to train under him like Goku. This was actually the start of one of the strongest relationships in animation history, if you ask me.

Some of the funnest things about the series were the adventures Goku would have with his friends for the selected quest to find the Dragon Balls, train under a special master or even getting ready for and fighting in the world championship tournament. You were there every step of the way and it made you love the series even more because the characters  grew and evolved as the series moved forward.

I loved Dragon Ball for the Adventure and the character designs and growth, there was no my power level is higher than your power level crap. This show gave you characters with skill and technique, characters trained and there was time lapses showing how long it took for things to happen. Dragon Ball had a sense of level to it Goku wasn’t god level he lost sometimes and had to pick himself up and return after forms of training, this was great for fans to be able to have a form of interaction with the characters and see them through hardships.

Akira Toriyama you were a great writer, with stories like Sandman and Dr Slump but after Dragon Ball I really don’t know what happened. The light hearted fun stories seemed to disappear but sometimes that’s what the world needs though. Maybe we can go back to those light hearted days again someday I hope.




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