Men In Black

Who doesn’t love the Men In Black, the movies are enjoyable, the characters are fun, and of course awesome Aliens. Well Today I am not talking about the movies but in fact the Animated series created by Warner Bros. This series was geared towards children as it was on the WB kids block at the time, but after watching the series again as an adult I am surprised this show even got away with being a kids show at the time. 

We will start today with talking about the positives the show brings and later move to the negatives. Obviously in the positives pile one can include that Agent K and Agent J were the main characters and were supported by the regular cast of the movie such as Agent Z, Agent L, the Twins, and the worms to name a few. The casting choices for most all these characters were amazing with Ed O’Ross and later Greg Berger doing agent K, and Keith Diamond under  the voice casting for Agent J. Lastly I have to say the stories were great along with the character development, most of the stories did in fact serve to show some form of character growth. To better explain this look at the episode called “The Inanimate Syndrome”  This introduces a character named Eileen, and it is strongly suggested that K and her had had an intimate relation sometime before and that they may even get together again when the episode finished. This is later followed up with another episode having Eileen return in “The Sonic Boom Syndrome”, and clearly reference is made  to the previous episode she aired in and there is acknowledgment to the lessons from  time to still be in effect. For a bonus point since we are talking about these episodes there was in fact many a sex joke in the early seasons of this show, which surprise me that they even got past sensors as well as they did, especially since these jokes clearly go right over childrens heads and are clearly intended for the adult audience. Maybe the series was hoping to get that longevity who knows.

Now that I have discussed the good points of the series let us continue with the bad. Mostly the bad comes from season four. This is when the censors really dug into the show and changed a lot of things, such as including more worm-centric episodes. The problem with the worms is of course the inconsistent ramblings, and they do not  perform well under the spotlight as they were originally conceived as supporting cast and not meant for anything else. That of course was not the only terrible decision  by the fourth season but there was also the change of Agent L’s voice with the new actress Jennifer Martin, she did not have the same feel as Jennifer Lien even though she did seem to be trying her best and was doing a good job. Still the biggest complaint wasn’t L or the worms but the wasted potential of the new character Agent X an alien who disliked humans as he felt they were beneath him. This character was a jerk, and written to be that way but there was no real character development with him in the fourth season so we never learned to like him. This is what I  call lost potential, characters of this nature are usually the way they are for a reason obviously and that reason when confronted can show great character plot and development which can lead into a great story and possibly could have even helped Agent X become a more likable or relate-able character by the end of the series.

Still I love this show and recommend you give it a spin, I even recommend the fourth season as the finale alone saves it. So tonight I will be saying good night and leave you with the opening theme to the show which is stuck in my head as well.



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