Getting Ready for Hal-Con

As a nerd and a proud resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia I will be going to Hal-Con, sadly there is no booth or panel for me this year not popular enough for this. I apologize to any saddened fans over this turn out, but I will gladly say my hellos to you if I run into any of my followers. I will be the one probably wearing a few Lantern rings from the spectrum and possibly wearing an N7 cap from Mass Effect if you are in fact looking for me.

 Now that I have explained all of that I will be going right to the nitty gritty and tell my loyal followers what is recent in my books. Well to start of course last week I started buying single issues of comics. To  be more precise single issues of the DC New 52 comics line, as DC is slow at releasing their collected issues and I do not want to be behind with a few of the stories specifically Redhood and The Outlaws and Green Lantern New Guardians  Both of these stories are well written respectively and the art does look good, I will be honest though Redhood and The Outlaws is not everyone’s cup of tea especially with some of the changes that happened with Star Fire in particular, but I am sure if you give it a chance you can see why it is popular among some readers such as myself.

As for Green Lantern New Guardians what can be said but awesome a team of Lanterns from every spectrum working with Kyle Rayner to make themselves the possible new Guardians of the space sectors. This is what stories are made of it has a team that doesn’t get along due to the  warring emotions of the different spectrums and a chosen  character, Kyle Rayner having to learn how to tap into every ring power, which in turn can effect him and his emotions possibly destroying the character from the inside . Yeah this is sort of the universe event that keeps going on in the background and no one knows about it, this is just is just pure awesome and a must read.

Now that I have discussed my up to date events with you fine people I hope to see you at Hal-Con or at least hear from you on the blog itself. 

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