Pokémon – Gotta Catch èm All

What can be said about Pokémon that hasn’t so far, we have all played the games and watched the cartoons and even had battles about which Pokémon is better. Alright I`ll be honest like most Canadian kids in the nineties Pokémon started for me with the show and yes I did watch the first season as a kid I was about the same age as the main character Ash Ketchum, 10 years old when the  show first aired in North America. This made me the perfect marketable audience and of course I loved the show and instantly had to buy the games.

Later in my life I of course learned the games were the original incarnation made by Game Freak and Nintendo. This was a major surprise to me to learn, especially with Nintendo`s track record of making game series into television shows. Let`s just say most of the shows are very forgettable in nature like Super Mario Bros. Super Show or Captain N and the Game Master.

I`m here of course to talk about Pokemon though, so let`s forget the abominations I mentioned earlier. This series was actually fairly well made with top notch animation and  good voice acting. This of course can be attributed to the fact that the series treated children with a sense of respect and it did not take light issues that were in fact taking place in the series, such as death and a persons feelings in given situations.  Of course the fight scenes were awesome in the series as well, there was great choreography  in the art and designs it  held you attention and you wanted to watch every minute of it.

Sadly Pokemon did have its faults though the main character Ash was a bit dimwitted, he rarely caught most of the Pokémon he clearly had chances to and of course the creators decided the main character should not age. This seemed like an odd choice to me I mean the idea of the series is that it`s a coming of age story therefore without the character at least gaining some age this does not transpire, and not to mention you can`t tell me that the amount of traveling that is done in this series spans within a years time frame, especially since the series does even take the main characters to other continents later. I`m just venting though and still recommend this show to any young child as there is always something here for anyone who is a fan of this genre of shows.

Pokémon did have some great internet memes, which i recommend you look up and of course the infamous killer drinking game, take a drink for  every time a Pokémon says it name or every time ash does not catch the Pokémon, I don`t know anyone willing to try it. Before you try the drinking game to prove me wrong though I would appreciate you finish this blog first.

The games were a  different beast to the show though. The Pokémon games were  basically set up to be a first RPG for kids in a way and this was great as it kept things simple and easy to understand, such as do A get result B, not that hard and for the hardcore fans of course there was forms of advanced tactics to be found and abilities to explote. Sadly the Pokémon games have not really evolved much in the past 10 or so years the series has been around and this is kind of sad in my opinion and one of the reasons I stopped playing the games after the Ruby and Sapphire days.  Who knows though this blog did awaken the nostalgia in me maybe I`ll give one of the new games a crack for old times sake and see if I can feel that kiddish charm again, too bad there`s no Charmander as the starter choice anymore though he was one of my favorites

Anyway for the people still playing the games or watching the show remember “gotta catch èm all“ and here`s the original theme song it was probably the catchiest one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSSbYFUVq_A



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