Monday Scoop

Hey guys as I stated on Mondays I ‘ll be posting something about current events and Thursdays will be for the nostalgic.  Today we will discuss Green Lantern the Animated Series. A show well worth picking up especially if you are a Green Lantern fan. The art is beautiful and the writing is superb, but I expect nothing less from the folks that work on the DC Animated Universe.

Speaking of the Art of this series I have to point out even in CGI the character designs seem familiar to most people my age, and rightly so because Bruce Timm art creator for Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, and Justice League is back at the reigns here and he is still on top form with his designs. I was especially surprised to see his character designs work as well as they did with CGI, especially those strong male figures he normally draws, for his heroes and those great sensual yet strong shapes he has for his females. The art alone promotes the series and should garner a watch, 

The show is lucky though it doesn’t only have an amazing artist guiding the reigns and leading the teams but also a great slew of writers such as Mark Hoffmeier, Jim Krieg and Ernie Altbacker just to name a few and the writing team seems to change all the time keeping ideas fresh and new. Though I have to say I did love how Mark Hoffmeier did introduce an old villain from the comics into the second half of the first season of this series, it especially shows some great things to possibly come for the story from this awesome team of writers.

The main characters could not be better for the series either following the likes of Hal Jordan the first Green Lantern of Earth, Kilowog bad ass of the stars and Green Lantern trainer, Aya an awesome A.I. learning the ropes, and finally Razor a Red Lantern that does not belong. I was surprised to see a team so well written and their evolution throughout the series so far has been nothing short of amazing, This can be brought back to good writing allowing things to run through course, and not forcing the story to go one way or another when it does not seem right at all. This is a great way to keep your audience glued to the channel and in a constant wait for the next episode, I know I’m hooked.

I might go watch a few episodes again while you read this.



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