Hope you remember Spiderman the animated series from the nineties. This was one of thew many cartoons pitched by Marvel to get their characters to wider audiences and they worked. Spiderman along with X-men were my favorites as a kid. I have to admit Spiderman holds up nicely for story and character development but not so much for animation.

Spiderman did not have the same funding and quality of animation behind it equal to Batman but it was still good for its time. If you can get past the animation I am sure you will find some awesome voice choices for a few of the characters and some great stories that really introduce you nicely into the world of Spiderman. I have to admit watching this series felt like watching an animated version of the comics, which in hindsight was awesome but you can’t miss many of the episodes.

I am a fan of the comics myself and I gotta admit this show partially was to  blame for that. This is a testament for most of these television shows  based from their comic book counterparts such as Batman, X-men and Spiderman. This is a great way to get new readers into comics, especially when done correctly and Spiderman was one of the ones to get hit all the right buttons in my opinion, which is why you may want to give this a look over.

Now I have watched this series recently on Netflix myself and the show does actually have some great things to offer even for adults and I highly recommend giving this show a peek if you are a fan of Spiderman or at least want a place to start. Now there is a part of the Spiderman animated series you should never watch in my opinion and its name Spiderman Unlimited, a sequel series that  never should have been and the world seems to agree with me.

Spiderman Unlimited was created to compete with Batman Beyond, but never in this show did the premise feel right to begin with. This series could have worked if done correctly and if more of the stable Spiderman characters were in the series to begin with like Mary Jane, and this felt like unfamiliar territory for many Spiderman fans which is ultimately one of the reasons this show failed in my opinion.

That all aside Spiderman is awesome and we can end tonight with a guitar riff nineties theme, which seemed to plague a lot of cartoons in the nineties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZw64rBswqc 

Fire a Spider tracer to this show 


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