Freak Out!

Hope you remember the blue nut ball we all used to love as kids named Freakazoid, if not here’s a reminder Freakazoid was a favorite in the nineties for me. He was a ball of random surrounded by somewhat normal people, or for  whatever passed as normal in this television series. The kicker with Freakazoid was that he was the hero though.

A strange hero to say the least, a man who had absorbed all the knowledge and power of the internet. This guy became the walking embodiment of the internet as we know it today, random references and comments come to life to annoy and confuse villains into defeat. Whether the creators knew that this show was ahead of it’s time or not we may never know, but because it was ahead of it’s time it made it one of those great nostalgia shows that gets better with age.

I recently watched a few episodes of this before posting here today and I have to admit I am still a  big fan, probably more so now as the show had great animation and the references mostly still hold up today. Seriously if you haven’t seen this show in awhile or just haven’t experiences your first watch through of it I highly recommend it, whether you are an adult or a child I am sure you will find something to laugh at in this show.

Heck  they even knew that Freakazoid was too much at times so they had cut away arcs and characters, such as Lord Bravery. He was a hilarious British super hero and nothing went his way. People would laugh at his costume, think he was a joke and even his wife wanted him to get a proper job. One of my favorite episodes with this character was when he wanted to get legal documentation for his name and it started this entire outfit that you need to see to believe. This is how good comedy is written because you don’t see it coming  

The great thing this show does is make the laughs come from anywhere and everywhere. The characters are funny, if only because you can relate or just notice the extremities that are  used for the character designs and personalities sometimes, the references stand out because they were relevant at some point and sometimes will make you wonder how they got past censors, especially with how risky they can be sometimes, and finally the situations themselves will make you laugh as they are just jokes of the common superhero tropes and even everyday situations. This show always kept the humor fresh and enjoyable thanks to the crack team behind it.

 Now a great team is hard to find on an animated series, from what I understand. The thing  that really helped this and many like it such as Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain was that Stephen Spielberg was the Producer. This may seem like a silly thing but he gave the animators and writers free reign, which in turn allowed the creators of these stories to tap into their imagination for great situations and allowed for some awesome situations and comedy Warner Bros. was also behind these shows as well which allowed for some great animations and designs. I have nothing but praise for this show even if it doesn’t always hit the mark with it’s jokes 

This is a great series and well worth picking it up, hell I gave you a few good reasons right there. Who knows if enough people buy the DVD box sets or even watch the re runs maybe the executives will wise up and bring the show back with a more adult tone or even make a movie. There is always hope for that right.

Anyway this is 90’s Nerd reminding you to Freak-a-me and Freak-a-you


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