Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We all remember the theme song, hell you are probably singing the theme in your head since I mentioned it and for those that aren’t here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDQzALOH9iU. You either hate or love me right now, and I will revel in it either way because I love the TMNT. 

I grew up with these guys Leonardo the leader, Donatello the tech geek, Michelangelo the party guy, and Raphael the secret weapon. These guys could take on anyone and anything, ninjas, space travel, dimension hoping and even time travel. name it the turtles probably tried it once. This was one of the reasons you loved the turtles there was no end to what they were willing to do to fight for, and what they believed was right as was taught to them by their sensei and father Master Splinter. 

The TMNT is one of those things that will always be. It all started with a comic by Eastman and Laird, they wrote a story that got some great attention and with my opinion some pretty good art even today. The comic got enough attention for a toy line which then got a cartoon geared towards kids . This is where many people including myself were introduced to the characters and story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The popularity of this series was so great it reached 193 episodes, this was impressive even for a show that started in the late eighties and worked its way to the early nineties. This was it the turtles were put on the top of fan lists and it’s still there today.

They are so popular that the cartoon spawned four movies, a live action show in the nineties, a new cartoon in 2003 and even a new comic series and a new TV series starting this fall. If you haven’t watched or read any of these I highly recommend  the the eighties or 2003 cartoon series and if you like what you see check out the comics and  even the movies, if you are willing.

With all this talk I know you people are probably wondering who my favorite turtle is, and like many nerds out there I choose Donatello. Donatello has the funniest lines they can be smart and somewhat stupid at the same time. Not to mention he still finds a way to get along with his brothers even though he seems like the black sheep in the bunch, especially since he isn’t pleased with the simple things like the others are. 

Raphael an Mike are a close second just because you never want one without the other, these guys are complete opposites. Raphael is serious and always looks for a fight, while Mike he just loves to party  eat junk food and relax. It’s amazing how well these two get along until they clash about something and they will be at each others throats in a second, but they will never kill each other. Obviously this  leaves Leonardo in last place.

Now even though Leo is last I still really do like him, especially in the later seasons of the 2003 cartoon when he has this cool scar on his shell, which I will not explain because I do not wish to give away any spoilers to people who want to watch it. I will however tell you what I do love about Leonardo though and it’s when he really gets into the fight its like a form of poetry. This guy thinks about nothing but the fight when he gets into it and while he’s fighting it all becomes about the skill and the efficiency combined to create an art form. Leo is the star pupil for good reason and this is well shown in the 2003 cartoon and in the comics.

Well this has been a long post but I do love my TMNT, and I think we can agree if you don’t that sad. We are entitled to our opinions though so I will not force anything on you, but for those who love the Teenage Mutant Turtles as much as me or maybe even more remember…




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